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診療案内(英語ページ)|富永クリニック眼科|西新橋 内幸町の眼科


There are a lot of people who have a runny nose, too much tearfulness or sneezing every spring. It puts them down. I’m afraid there is no effective advance protection against that all together. However, we can’t just wait until it comes?
As you can imagine from the term of allergic conjunctivitis, it is one of the allergic ailments, though it can’t be said that you have an allergy. This is the difficult point. I often hear patients say, “I never had allergic conjunctivitis. It only began this year. What’s the matter with me?” I know how you feel. What is going on? Actually, there is nothing wrong with you.
There are so many kinds of allergies. It is caused by plant pollen, so it isn’t easy to explain. Can I explain it easily? In a few words, it is “dose-dependent”. As water in a bath-tub won’t flow over until the tub is full, we don’t feel anything wrong till we get a full dose. It creeps up on us quietly.

Can we defend ourselves before it comes? What can we do for ourselves?
Let’s talk about that. Watch for the pollen forecast on TV. See an ophthalmologist or an otorhinolaryngologist sometime before the pollen begins to spread. There are many kinds of treatments such as eye drops. I can not only talk about it but also search for best solution to help you at my clinic. Let’s take care of it.

ASTHENOPIA(Eyes feel tired frequently)

Nowadays, we often feel tired about everything. As you know, the environment that surrounds us is not always easy to live in. Eyes, shoulders and back. If you feel something wrong is with whichever of these and you go to see one doctor, you can’t be sure to get a good result. If you feel pain not only in your eyes but also have a headache, you had better receive the right treatment for the headache first. Ailments can be complicated. Is there a good way to get better? Can we protect ourselves? Of course. There are possible several ways. It may not be easy to do it completely, but we can get better with a bit of attention.

Do you use a computer system at your office (or home)? When you look at the monitor screen, are you looking up a little? I recommend you rearrange your position. Sit a little higher than before, and look down at the screen from above. That becomes more comfortable. It’s the same for “dry-eyes”. What is most important point is taking a rest. I know. This is your job. I understand is hard to take a rest while you are working. But let me say one thing. Why don’t you rest for 2 or 3 minutes an hour? I think this is easy, isn’t it? And it can make you feel more comfortable than before. Try it once.

Although what I am telling you is good advice, if you feel something is truly wrong with your eyes, please call, mail or visit me. I am ready to give the right information and good advice to you. If you concerned about stiff shoulders, please tell me that. We’re also ready to introduce you to other good doctors close by. Take care and get well soon!


Most human beings want to have healthy lives. However, things may happen. Sometimes we catch a cold or not only a mild kind of infection but even a serious one such as diabetes or hypertension. Some of them have an effect on our eyes. It is often said that the “Eye is the window to the heart”. From a clinical perspective, it gives us a lot of information about the body. For example, “My vision is not so good these days”. One gentleman, who had never been to a doctor’s office or a hospital, said this to his family in a low voice. Actually, he was quite healthy since he was young. The doctor at his company couldn’t find any negative signs in blood tests or x-rays until then. But, the man had been feeling his eyesight was strange. At last he went to an eye doctor. The doctor found something in his eyes. He had a little diabetic retinopathy. Why do you think nobody could find that?

This is the answer. He never ate too much for lunch or dinner for a couple of months before the examination, and also never put any sweets into his mouth. His free blood sugar each day and the HbA1C, his diabetic status of the past 2 months had been within the normal limit. If he had not gone to the eye doctor’s office, nobody could notice his diabetes. In this case, he needs to be cared for generally. I can say that such things can happen.

As you know, a search of the fundus (inside the eye) is important. Not only individual vessels but also the general vascular system might be attacked by some other kind of general disease. We can perceive that it is serious or not, according to what we observe in the fundus.

The eye is the one and only organ which has a “window” that can be seen from outside. If you are afraid of nothing but diabetes, I suggest that you see an eye doctor you trust if you are middle-aged. We are ready to see patients. It is my pleasure to talk about your eyes. Call or send an e-mail to me anytime. Take care.